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Oct 8, 2012 1:00pm PDT
. msnbc's steve kornacki is the co-host of "the cycle" and former labor secretary, robert reich. steve, certain democrats and news personalities rip their hair out last week following the debate, as you know. the latest polling shows mixed results. the pew poll has romney up by four. gallup's daily tracking has the president up by five. what does that mean? >> yeah, first of all, you know, you always take one poll in isolation or even two can be problematic. the best thing always on these is to look there's a few sites that do polling averages, real clear politics, "huffington post," they average all the different polls and put them together. if you want to look at these two right now, they might kind of both be true and it's because of this. the gallup one measures seven days. it's still got a number of predebate days there when oen was ahead. it's got the immediate post debate when romney seems to have pulled even or taken the lead in the two or three days immediately after. >> immediately after. >> what gallup also showed apparently in the last day that's included in the seven days,
Oct 3, 2012 4:00pm EDT
right to our panel now. we're joined by steve kornacki, co-host of "the cycle," jimy williams back in new york. steve, mr. hannity and, what's his name, mr. carlson, is that his name, they talk about whipping up fear, paranoia and hatred. that's them, not the video, isn't it? >> i mean, it is amazing to me that the right is still, five years after barack obama became a presidential candidate -- >> five years after i saw that very video. >> the moment, if there was a moment the whole jeremiah wright association and all this racial stuff that's there, if there was a moment that that was going to hurt and sink barack obama politically, it was april of 2008. there was a serious crisis in barack obama's campaign. he delivered a speech on race, a speech to be remembered for years to come and that put the issue to rest for 70%, 80% of the public. but there's this sliver of the public on the right still living in april of 200. it's a real problem for the republican party. when you're a month away from the election and your candidate is losing and this is what you're counting on as the big bom
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)